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Joined Forces with Thoco

Last week Feederlines has reached an agreement with Navigia and Thorco Shipping Holland to join forces in respect of technical ship management

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Take over Feederlines

Jan van der Laan, general manager of the ship management company Feederlines, having its seat in Groningen, takes over the ship management company Feederlines from the German owner Alfred Hartmann.

On the occasion of the underwriting, Jan van der Laan and Alfred Hartmann expressed their contentedness on the outcome of their negotiations: “This is an important day for us. This step will strengthen Feederlines’ position and enable the company to a fresh start.”

Given the developments in the international shipping market, Jan van der Laan discussed with the owners of shipping company Navigia about the possibility to join their forces.
Both parties expect that the joining of forces will lead to a reinforcement of the current position in the market and that this partnership will provide the possibility for considerable cost savings.
The cooperating ship management companies Feederlines and Naviga, with over 40 staff members, will take residence in the office of Feederlines at Eenrumermaar in Groningen. 
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