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Assisting two vessels in distress 07-10-2013

On Sunday September 29 on request of the Greek coast guard, mv Velserdiep rendered assistance in a search for a "Man Overboard" situation.

"Mayday MOB" was also directly received by the vessel on the VHF CH 16, originating from a small vessel. Velserdiep was very close by. The man overboard was found by the small vessel who lost him, and the story ended positive, as he was in good health.

Within 24 hours after this action, mv Velserdiep was again asked to render assistance, this time in the rescue of about 150 refugees in a small boat. Due to the heavy swell of +4 mtr, the small boat was in danger of sinking. Mv Velserdiep and two further vessels assisted the Italian Coast Guard in the rescue operation. After a couple of hours, the Coast Guard could take the refugees to the Italian coast.