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Bosporusdiep rescues three shipwrecked 08-08-2011

On Saturday evening (August 6th, 2011) the MV Bosporusdiep under the command of Captain Nienhuis received a distress call from Riga Rescue radio. They proceeded to the given position and started searching for a sinking Catamaran sailing boat with 3 persons drifting in the water. Captain and crew prepared for the search and sighted the capsized catamaran 30 minutes later. Shortly thereafter they also sighted 2 of the 3 persons drifting close by the catamaran.

The rescue boat was lowered with 3 crewmembers. In the meantime the 3rd drifitng person was discovered. All three were collected and once on board of the Bosporusdiep given first aid. The shipwrecked were taken over by the Latvian coast guard on Sunday morning.All three shipwrecked recovered swiftly and are in good health.

Congratulations to Captain Nienhuis and his crew for their professional work.