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Family Focus Day 2013 was a great success 18-06-2013

Despite the weather, this year's Family Focus Day was a great success. During the preparations there was heavy rain and wind, but luckily the sky cleared around 13.30 hrs when everybody started to arrive.

With presentations of Jan van der Laan, Niels Hartmann, Robert Bronts, Frank Seidler and Jetse Stienstra, the day started off fairly formal, including a moment of silence for the passing of C/E Putnik.

Additionally C/O Bart van Ijzerloo, Capt. Corn Cocu and C/E Bert Kos received a present for working for Feederlines for 12,5 years and over.

For the kids there was entertainment, such as drawing, crafting, movie and football. Unfortunately due to the wind, the jumping pillow was not inflated.

After the presentations there was time to eat, drink and socialize. Thank you all for attending and making this day to a success.

Pictures Family Focus Day 2013