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Feederlines improves incident reporting 12-02-2009

Feederlines has recently decided to make use of the maritime incident reporting system MIRAS. Using the system by various shipping companies should lead to a decline in the number of accidents and incidents in the shipping industry.

MIRAS (Maritime Incident Reporting & Analysis System) is a new incident reporting system for ship owners, which is initiated by the KVNR (Royal Association of Netherlands’ Ship owners). The system is specialized in reporting incidents and accidents that can occur on board ships and has the possibility to analyze them in various ways. MIRAS gives ship owners the opportunity to share data and experiences with other participants and learn from each other.

For our ISM (International Safety Management) we have to register incidents. Currently incidents are registered; however this registration does not have the same advantages as MIRAS. Around 2015 will MIRAS be obliged for all Dutch shipping companies. The advantage of this database is that it is a ready to use system which has proven itself and where data from other shipping companies comparable to our shipping company can be consulted. In this way following trends is much more interesting. In the short run MIRAS will lead to a decline in injuries and damages. The prospect is that MIRAS will become operational in the course of this year.