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Feederlines receives European subsidy 17-03-2009

Feederlines has very recently been granted approximately € 170,000 by the Social Welfare agency, originating from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The money, originating from the European Social Fund, is meant for projects which contribute positively to the employment. The grant is primary focused at enlarging the availability of lower qualified labourers at the labour market and to subsidize the therefore arranged educational activities.

Considering the fact that qualified and affordable crew is still scarce, we are continuously searching for creative solutions for this problem. A while ago, in collaboration with the academy NTTA (Nautical Technical Training Academy), we have started an educational course at which potential seafarers will be educated within 18 months for a position onboard. This course consists of six weeks classes, followed by students gaining practical experience onboard of our vessels during six weeks. Because the practical variant has an important share in this course, recently twelve former drop-outs have started this educational course. They have finally chosen for a future in the shipping industry. This unique educational course has given youngsters who dropped out of school, the opportunity to still enter the labour market. Our project makes it possible to educate a potential vulnerable group of labourers without start qualifications to a start qualification level. This has been a good reason for the Social Welfare agency to support such a project with funds from the ESF.

Finally, at short notice, Feederlines shall start a few new initiatives with the purpose of educating other groups of vulnerable labourers at the labour market to a start qualification level as well. An initiative is for example aimed at interesting job-seekers with a history of labour which has nothing to do with the shipping industry, to work in this industry. Also for these new initiatives a subsidy is requested for at the European Social Fund.

‘This project is partly made possible by contributions from the European Social Fund’.