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Fire drill on board of MV Nordland 30-01-2012

During a regular break on a working day at sea suddenly an alarm goes off. Each crew member gets up immediately and runs to his/her cabin to put on an overall and safety shoes. The crew comes together at the officers’ deck. A few crew members already recognize the alarm; fire alarm! Fortunately, it is just a drill.

The bosun told us that the fire started in the bow room. After a quick meeting everyone gets his own task. There are standard tasks for everyone: the captain coordinates from the bridge and gives instructions to the bosun. The bosun gives instructions to the crew on deck. After putting on the safety fire suits, the second officer and I searched for the fire to fight. After this challenge we evaluated the drill.

After the evaluation every crew members goes back to their daily work. They are all aware that in the future an alarm can announce a real fire. A drill makes everyone aware of the possible crisis situations. A drill clarifies the tasks and risks in a certain situation. The effects of a (big) fire on board of a vessel can not be foreseen. It is very important to fight the fire as soon as possible.

Besides the fire drill there are some other important drills, such as the man overboard drill and a drill where the crew practices to safely abort the ship during a crisis situation. Feederlines is committed to perform certain drills to guarantee the safety of her manning as well as possible.

Pictures fire drill

Written by trainee Wietse Rijkeboer