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New fleetmanager Feederlines 28-09-2011

As from the 12th of September Igor Nicetic is appointed as the new fleetmanager of Feederlines. We are very happy that Igor is willing to fulfil this important function in our company. We feel that his experience within the Feederlines organisation and the fact that he has been sailing with us since the summer of 1998, makes him the right person to manage the challenges and changes we face (now and in the future) for the service we have to provide towards our crew and fleet. Hereby Igor introduces himself:


I am born in 1966 in Dubrovnik, a beautiful city on the Adriatic Coast. Already in my childhood I came in touch with the sea and the maritime tradition. Dubrovnik has a great maritime tradition which goes many centuries back. My father is captain as well, so I heard a lot about sailing from him and his friends. When I was fourteen I decided to become sailor and I entered in the maritime college. My first employment on a vessel was during the summer of 1983, when I was a deck boy on a coaster vessel. I graduated at the Maritime Faculty in 1990 and started sailing as officer. Since that time I have been sailing on many kind of vessels like bulkcarriers, chemical tankers, container vessels and multi-purpose vessels. During all this time I have great support and understanding from my wife Jadranka and our two daughters Tamara and Miriam.

From Captain to Fleetmanager

Last May, after eleven years of sailing as a captain on Feederlines vessels, I was asked to join the office in Groningen. Since that time I was working for the operation and quality department within Feederlines. The main task was visiting the vessels to improve the safety-awareness. All my ideas and efforts to improve the cooperation with the vessels as well as inside the office departments have been noticed by the management of Feederlines. In the beginning of September I was approached by our Managing Director and asked to take over the duties of fleetmanager. That is a great honour, challenge and a duty which I will try to fulfil as good as possible. 

Tasks & responsibilities

There are many responsibilities and tasks which have to be accomplished by the fleetmanager. I will mention some of the most important: ensure quality maintenance of our fleet, managing all departments, ensure that all departments maintain quality and safety standards, inform our Board of Directors regarding the status of the fleet, control costs, maintain good relationships with third parties and representing the company.   

Goals & ambitions

Improve the cooperation with the vessels management, improve maintenance and standard of the fleet, find more efficient and effective ways of working, preventing unexpected costs and provide the best service to our fleet.