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Optimalization safety procedures 21-07-2010

In April of this year, a few violations in the area of safety have been established during the inspection at a threesome of our ships by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

From the findings of the Transport, Public Works and Water Management authorities has come forward that there was too little supervision and surveillance of the executive tasks of the seamen from the head office, especially in the area of safety and safety awareness. As a result of the earlier mentioned findings, Feederlines has highlighted the internal procedures by setting up scripts with clear protocol descriptions, appointing seamen who regularly inspect the ships and consult intensively with the responsible seamen.
These measurements are taken by means of holding “in house meetings” at which daily situations are discussed, protocols are gone through  and the safety awareness is being enlarged.  Off course, during these meetings all aspects of the safety awareness are being examined. Feederlines has always met and still meets the demands of ISM and is continuously busy to improve the quality of the shipping organization as well as the shore organization.