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Looking back on 2014 22-12-2014

A year ago we published that - according to the world trade developments- a growth of 4,9% in the shipping industry in 2014 was to be expected. After several years of crisis circumstances, we are very grateful that we realized a certain growth in the freight prices.

There was not only a short growth at a certain period of this year, the growth of freight prices was visible during the whole year compared to the last years. Hopefully this growth continues /increases in the upcoming years.

Unfortunately, the growth of the freight prices cannot compensate for the losses of the last years. The trust of our mother company, the involved trade banks, our suppliers, investors, colleagues and other external parties is still very important.

However as important it is to learn from the past, we also need to keep looking forward. In other words; some difficult choices have to be made in order to keep our company healthy in the future, such as the sale of some of our vessels. Additionally, staying healthy, also means looking for possibilities to enlarge our fleet with the newest eco-friendly vessels so we can still offer quality, safety and environmentally friendly ways to transport cargo in the future.

Our hard work for improvement– as well as in the office as on board of our fleet – did not go unnoticed this year. In May we achieved a milestone in our continuous efforts for improvement. Messrs. Lloyds Register concluded after the audit that Feederlines can be recommended for certification against the ISO 9001:2008 standard, as the companies' management system meets this standard. Our goals for improvement will not end after receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certification. It is an ongoing process to be and stay a high performance company.

Personally, I also accomplished a milestone this year. At the beginning of this year I reached my 12,5th service anniversary. I am very proud to be a part of this beautiful shipping company for all these years. Every day I realize that I am privileged that I work together with a big group of enthusiastic and hardworking colleagues. Together we do our utmost to ensure the quality of our vessels and our service and try to get the company – where possible – to a higher level.

Unfortunately, this year has also brought personal losses. Our dear colleague Marjan van Nijnatten- Oosterveld passed away. And also within the Hartmann Group we were confronted with unexpected loss of colleagues. These difficult circumstances show us what is important in life and give us the strength to work harder to accomplish our dreams, as well in our work environment as in our private life.

I wish you and your family – together with the whole Feederlines’ staff - a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015!

Jan van der Laan
Managing Director, Feederlines BV